Innovation Funnel for Valuable AI in Healthcare

In order to help researchers and developers in the process from development to scaling up valuable artificial intelligence (AI), this tool offers clues in the scope for action within the laws and regulations. For example, it is possible to start preparing early for requested minimum requirements or standards. And reflect on actions to achieve human-centered and reliable AI applications.

This tool supports the innovation process in five domains (value, application, ethics, technology, responsibility). The bundling in an innovationunnel helps to create as much value as possible: each phase offers room to work creatively and iteratively, but has a well-defined goal in the process and is based on a substantiated use of resources.

Dutch version: Hulpmiddel Handelingsruimte Waardevolle AI voor gezondheid

This Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has been developed by the action team of the VWS programme 'Valuable AI for Health' and is a first step towards a community-based tool to be further developed.